Hills that blend with the sea

Our vineyards are in Controguerra, a village in the heart of Teramo’s hills. A sun-kissed land that overlooks the blue Adriatic sea under the presence of the massif Gran Sasso.

A unique land, a story of flavours

At 320 meters above sea level, our plot of land has a microclimate that makes our grapes a treasure chest of scents and flavours. Our grapes ripe on hills that fall towards the sea, where exposure and ventilation enhance their characteristics. We take care of every stage of the supply chain, selecting the best grapes, cherishing the land, pursuing quality, respecting the seasons and the product.

A surface of 130 hectares

The production of Illuminati wines takes place in over 130 hectares, in the areas of Controguerra DOC and Colline Teramane Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG. Our vineyards produce special grapes that result in wines of rare quality. This is possible thanks to the dedication and commitment of the people who take care of this land and know the art of winemaking.

Innovation philosophy

Research starts in the vineyards and ends in the winery. Nothing is left to chance. We select the soils with high wine-growing potential. We analyse them, choose the best fermentation methods, check the temperature and implement modern winemaking techniques. Wine is aged in Slavonian oak barrels or barriques and is refined in bottles. These and the sparkling wine process take place in three temperature-controlled caves. In our experimentations, we apply fermentation at different temperatures, malolactic fermentation, soft pressing, barrel aging and bottle refinement. This is how we obtain our prestigious wine.


White wine is obtained from low-temperature pellicular maceration (8-10 °C) to ensure a smooth cryomaceration process. The pomace is left to macerate in a cold and nitrogen-saturated setting to enhance the sensory and organoleptic characteristics. As for red wines, we obtain grapes that have more power, body and concentration, besides sweet, soft and velvety tannins.

The relationship with the land

We have a symbiotic relationship with our land. We process our grapes as tradition dictates. Many operations in the vineyard are still carried out manually, thus significantly reducing the use of phytosanitary treatments. Work has taught us that healthy soil can react to hardship and provide top-quality fruits.

Our values

Our production is based on quality and respect for the land. All our products come from our vineyards. We preserve the environment following sustainability protocols. A few years ago, we introduced a 68 Kw photovoltaic system that allows us to be energetically autonomous, while respecting raw materials and the choice of our consumers.

The taste of the earth

Siamo a Controguerra nel cuore delle Colline Teramane, dove il Gran Sasso si staglia maestoso e il mare in lontananza gli fa da cornice.

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