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Our History.
Consistency as a value

From a passion born more than one hundred years ago for the Controguerra lands and their generous grapes, the Illuminati family has been handing down the skilled art of wine-making.

It all began in 1890, when Mr. Nicola Illuminati founded its own wine company, which became known as “Fattoria Nico’” (Nicola’s farm). It was run as a small scale production centre, and this ensured the authenticity of the wine produced, both with regards to wine coupage and the sale in carboys, as it was customary at the time. This craftsman-type production system was inherited by Nicola’s grandson Dino, who has been leading the family Company since the 1950s. The wine-making activity received an incredible boost which, together with the increase in the cultivated area, led Dino Illuminati to start bottling his wine in the early seventies. He achieved excellence in production in a short time, with reserve wines which are renown worldwide. This extremely high quality is enhanced by the value added by the company’s tradition of craftsmanship. A constant in the Illuminati family for over a century and 5 generations.

Alongside Dino, the man who made the history of this company, his sons Stefano and Lorenzo and his nephews Nicola, Pierpaolo and Ludovica who dedicate themselves with passion to the growth and success of the Illuminati wines in Italy and in the world.